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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. From where I can obtain the list price?

Products list are shown on: Support-Brochures Download, and about the price you can consult:‍.

Q2. Can I apply a sample before I place the bulk order?

If you would like to apply a sample, please help to send your company name, potential purchase amount to, then our sales representative will evaluate and follow up. On the other hand, you can also pay attention to the promotion information on our website to check if there is sample application campaign.

Q3. How much is the shipping cost and how long will I receive my package after it is shipped out?

The shipping cost and transit time will depend on the physical form of the product, the type of logistics service and the distance to the receiving address. You can find the detailed info here: Support-Payment and Delivery‍.‍

Q4. How can I know if my order is shipped or not?

We will send you the order confirmation including the tracking# or the estimated shipping date by email once the order is processed. You can also contact us at‍ to get the info you would like.

Q5. What circumstance need I to prepay for the order?

For 1st time buyer, we request full up-front payment before we make the shipment.